• No. of Episodes 169
  • Duration 30 Minutes
  • Genre Family Drama

Seen through the eyes of children, the world can be quite bewildering. 9-year-old Mariam Khan tries to comprehend the world with her fertile imagination and abundant intelligence. Her out-of-the-blue questions make us rethink our basics. Sometimes they are so scathing, they leave us exposed. While her entertaining wisecracks are hilarious, nobody in her family knows that Mariam has dyslexia.

A slice-of-life story, Mariam Khan Reporting Live is set in an erstwhile royal mansion which is now decrepit and crumbling, just like the hopes of the people living within it’s walls.  Mariam’s grandfather, a former King, is unable to adjust to modern circumstances.  Her father Majaaz Khan is an honest and ethical journalist, who fearlessly runs his own newspaper. He is Mariam’s role model, who inspires her to become a journalist. Madeeha, Mariam’s mother is laden with household responsibilities and worries for the family’s future. Under the Enemy Property Act, the government attempts to integrate their royal property, which plunges the family into a huge financial crisis that splinters into an internal squabble. Madeeha insists that Majaaz sell off the press to raise funds for their eldest daughter, Meher’s marriage. Majaaz resists giving up all that he believes in.  Their confrontation reveals the deep fault lines within the extended family that can devastate their very existence. What are these secrets that both Majaaz and Madeeha are stoically guarding? Will Mariam find out?  Or will they find out that Mariam is dyslexic? And will that be the end of her dreams?

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