• No. of Episodes 155
  • Duration30 Minutes
  • Genre Medical Drama

A love story set within the medical drama, Sanjivani explores the ethical conflict between idealism and materialism.

At the centre of fast paced and intense narrative are two couples - one young , the other mature, whose undying love for each other strengthens their ideals and unites them in their fight against unscrupulous consumerist expansion.

Dr. Ishani is first year medical intern - idealistic and honest. Dr. Sid is her maverick senior in the 3rd year, whos intentions though noble, methods are highly questionable. Sanjivani becomes battleground for their ideological tussles, while itself being torn in the strife. the ethically centred CEO and Chief of Surgery Dr. Shashank opposes the materialistic expansion [plans of CFO makhija, that will turn the noble medical profession into a business focused on higher profits. When Dr. Shashank passes on the baton to his former protege the brilliant and dynamic Dr. Juhi, all the doctors are unite in allegiance to fight moral corruption. Love blossoms and idealism triumphs.

Etched within Sanjivani's landscape are also coming of age stories of the first-year interns - the ultra competitive Dr. Asha, the flamboyant Dr. Aman, and the nerdy but incept Dr. Neil. Crisscrossing with these stories are the arcs of senior residents and consultants - Dr. Rishab the pathological liar , Dr. Reddy who is hiding a debilitating illness, and Dr. Anjali Shahsank's daughter who strives so hard for acknowledgement from her father, that it pushes her down the wrong path.

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