• No. of Episodes 550* (Commissioned)
  • Duration30 Mins
  • Genre Family Drama

“Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know”. For Gehna and Anant, what started as a marriage of compulsion, gradually evolves into a marriage of companionship, of equals and eventually…of love.

Gehna is orphaned when her father sacrifices his life to save Praful Desai, who takes her home and raises her as his own daughter. Gehna is grateful to Praful and his wife for treating her as one of their own despite having lost all that she ever had. Gehna works tirelessly to help around the house but is taken advantage of by the daughters in law Kanak and Hema who degrade her to the status of a house help. Despite their tiresome behaviour, Gehna treats them as her own because she of her belief that she has been blessed beyond measure despite her circumstances.

In an unimaginable turn of events, she becomes the youngest daughter in law of the house. After Gehna is left an unwed bride at the altar, Praful pleads with his youngest son Anant to marry Gehna to save her from a life of pain and humiliation. The dutiful and obedient Anant honor his father’s word and takes Gehna as his wife. This infuriates Kanak and Hema who vow to throw her out of the house. Gehna uses her all to keep the house together and in this journey, Anant becomes Gehena’s biggest supporter, her shield and her mentor. Gehna, with her devotion, love and sacrifice, not only solidifies her place in the Desai house, but also in Anant’s heart. She successfully transforms herself from being a 10th grade pass out to an accomplished lawyer and a celebrated High court judge.

From a stranger that Anant married out of compulsion, Gehna is now a wife Anant takes pride in and loves dearly.

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