• No. of Episodes 150 (Commissioned)
  • Duration30 Min.
  • Genre Romance

The purest form of love is selflessness, yet it’s always defined within a relationship like a mother’s unconditional love for her child. The Bond of Love tells the story of two conflicting strangers whose unconditional love for a helpless little child brings them together.

Indu found baby Zoon abandoned and brought her home.  She became her unwed mother and gave up on the idea of marriage, against the wishes of her family. But her mother Sunita, made her promise that she would never officially adopt Zoon. While Indu tried her best to be mother and father to her, at five years, Zoon was craving for a father. 

Zoon attracted people into her life.  But who would have thought that it would be superstar, Ritesh Malhotra, the heartthrob of millions. Zoon was his youngest and cutest fan.  As he met her often, he felt more and more drawn to her innocence and empathy and lost his heart to her.  But whenever they met, Zoon was invariably alone and in a somewhat dangerous situation.  Hence Ritesh was convinced that Zoon’s mother was irresponsible and negligent. 

Ritesh’s father had passed away in a car accident and his mother was paralyzed. Perhaps it was because they were both lonely that Zoon and Ritesh connected. His active family consisted of his uncle, Pankaj, step aunt, Kamna and cousins.  But as Zoon started gaining favour with Ritesh, his family was perceptibly resentful. They schemed and plotted to create misunderstandings between Indu and Ritesh.  A huge fight ensued and Ritesh got to know that Indu had not officially adopted Zoon. 

Ritesh involved the Child Welfare Authorities who snatched Zoon away from Indu and took her to the Children’s Home.  Indu was arrested and Ritesh began the formalities of adopting Zoon.  

Will Ritesh separate Indu and Zoon…? 


Will Zoon bring together Ritesh and Indu…? 


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