• No. of Episodes 536* (Commissioned)
  • Duration30 Mins
  • Genre Family Drama

In the era of nuclear families, Dhara, the daughter-in-law of the Pandya household, uses her entrepreneurial foresight to revive her husband’s family business. Will she succeed?

Darshan & Suman Pandya are the proud parents of four sons and run a successful shop. Darshan a generous man, believes in helping the less fortunate. He helps his brother-in-law (Jagat) set up a business and becomes a guarantor for his loan he helps avail. However, he is cheated by them and is forced to proceed with the liquidation of the store along with his house to repay the dues. This act of deceit leads to Darshan’s death while Suman gets paralyzed due to the shock of his demise.

Now it’s up to the children to rescue their family business and salvage lost pride. Gautam, the eldest of the Pandya siblings takes up the task along with his wife Dhara, who demonstrates exemplary entrepreneurial spirit. She foregoes her right to be a mother to focus on being one to Gautam’s siblings.

But will they be able to keep the family united against all odds?

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