• No. of Episodes 150* (Commissioned)
  • Duration30 Min.
  • Genre Romance

Aditya and Ginni were so tightly wound around each other that their tense energies led to a dramatic turn of events and they wound up with each other for life. Acknowledging the fact that they were definitely not meant to be with each other, they decide to unwind their relationship. And in the process, fall hopelessly in love.

Aditya and Ginni, were both great chefs, but dramatic opposites.   Aditya Raj Singh was an arrogant international chef from Canada.  Ginni was a simple, earthy home chef, her food resonating with the flavours of the soil. 

Aditya hated his family, especially his father, Amber, for his affair with Supreet that broke his mother’s heart and lead to her death. Amber married Supreet and Aditya packed his anger within himself and left for Canada. 

For Ginni, even her flawed family was God’s gift and she lived each day to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Together, with her mother, brothers and sister, they ran the family home - style restaurant set up by her father, Khushwant. 

When Aditya returned, he offered to buy Ginni’s home style restaurant to start his own, dedicated to his mother.  But Ginni refused.  And here on, there were at loggerheads. Having set off on the wrong foot, they end up gunning for each other’s throats.  But soon, the anger faded and sparks flew. 

But then Ginni made a bold move.  

She risked her life to save her brother’s wife, Sam, from remarrying Aditya. Ginni kidnapped Sam and walked in dressed as the bride, fully covered from head to toe. Only after the wedding formalities were completed did Aditya realize that he had married Ginni instead of Sam.  Livid at being cheated, he refused to accept the marriage. But Rajwant, his grandfather, prevailed on Aditya to honour the commitment he had made to Ginni.  

Ginni and Aditya decide to separate from their meaningless marriage.  But slowly found themselves drifting towards each other. 

Will it be just a matter of time before they fall hopelessly in love…? 

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