• No. of Episodes 458
  • Duration 30/45 Mins
  • Genre Romance

A motherless little girl, Ruhi unites her hapless, divorced father and her kind hearted, beautiful neighbor in marriage. Rank strangers at the time of marriage, Raman and Ishita discover love for each other through their love for their daughter, Ruhi.

Raman is a divorcee entrusted with the custody of his 6-year-old daughter Ruhi.  From an angry, cheated husband, Raman turns into a hapless and inexperienced father, struggling alone with the upbringing of a little girl. Ishita, is a dentist and her family has recently moved into the neighbourhood.  Although Ishita is of marriageable age, she remains unmarried because a freak accident had rendered her infertile. Ishita is crestfallen when she realizes that she can never become a mother as she loves children dearly. At the same time, Ruhi is denied a mother’s love at a tender age that should have been spent in the loving arms of her mother. The deep void in both of them draws them close to seek comfort and solace in each other’s company. Seeing Ruhi so attached to Ishita, Raman agrees to marry her at his family’s suggestion, despite the cultural differences between their families. Ruhi is ecstatic to have a mother again and Ishita grateful to have a daughter.  But due to his disappointment in love, Raman is unable to bring himself to love Ishita. But Ruhi’s clever interventions make her father fall in love with her mother. But their happiness is not to last long as Shagun, Raman’s first wife, comes back into their harmonious life to claim custody of her daughter.



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