• No. of Episodes 71
  • Duration 30 Minutes
  • Genre Youth

Neha Kataria, a first year student, falls to her death one night in Regents College. Roshni, her sister knows that Neha didn’t die an accidental death, it was murder. A year later, Roshni joins Regents College to avenge her sister’s murder….

Paanch is a youth revenge thriller.   A first year student Neha Kataria falls to her death one night in Regents College.  The case is dismissed as suicide due to drug overdose.  But her younger sister, Roshni Kataria knew about the ragging and torture Neha was going through in college at the hands of a group of five power drunk seniors. She is convinced that her sister’s death was not due to drug overdose but due to intense ragging at the hands of these five. A year later, 18 year old Roshni, who is flying off to Alaska for a degree in science, re routes and joins Regents College.   She transforms herself into something she isnt - unforgiving and brutal - to seek the murderers of her sister and bring them to justice……

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October 14 - October 17 2019

Palais des Festivals, Cannes,

DISCOP (Africa) Jo’ burg

November 20 - November 22 2019

Sandton Convention Centre,
Jo’burg, South Africa

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