• No. of Episodes 537
  • Duration 30/60 Minutes
  • Genre Youth

Sanyukta wants to become a mechanical engineer. But in her family, the only equipment that girls used is the sewing machine…..And in her male dominated college, girl students were meant for eye candy as they were considered incompetent ….Yet Sanyukta was determined……

In Sanyukta’s conservative family, girls are not allowed to dream big.  Once they attain a certain age, they are married off. But Sanyukta dared to break the barriers and dreamt of becoming a mechanical engineer. With an unrelenting father and older brother who refused to even acknowledge her talent, Sanyukta had to literally run away from home to join a top notch engineering college.  But if you thought that her ordeal was to end here, well, it was just beginning.   The predominantly chauvanistic male students of her college thought nothing of her abilities, especially Randhir Singh Shekhawat, the genius, who believed girls were incompetent. Although they started out as arch rivals, Sanyukta proved her worth in class and eventually earnt Randhir’s respect. They fell in a love so deep that they became college sweethearts!! The USP of Sadda Haq is that it features unique yet real characters. The story breaks the mould of candy floss youth shows by recreating a realistic backdrop of an engineering college campus. Despite dealing with a relevant and strong subject, the treatment is light hearted and extremely real.

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