• No. of Episodes 515
  • Duration 30 Mins
  • Genre Romance

When their parents die, Jeevika and Manvi only have each other to hold on to. Destiny favours Jeevika who finds marriage and a loving family…..and soon a lovely child too. That’s when Manvi falls seriously ill and Jeevika is forced to choose between her dying sister and her innocent child…..

Manvi and Jeevika were raised by their parents in an upscale suburb. Born with a silver spoon, both girls were swamped with love and bounty.  However, after the demise of their parents, circumstances force them to move to a small town and embrace a middle class life at the mercy of some relatives.  Both the girls accepted their situation and willingly stifle any demands of attention and money they may have.  But they loved each other dearly and clung on to the other for hope. Jeevika, being the elder one, was quite adept at handling the younger Manvi. But then the time came for Jeevika’s marriage. Jeevika was married into a wealthy family with loving husband.  Soon after her marriage, Manvi was diagnosed with blood cancer and urgently required a bone marrow transplant.  Jeevika was the only one who could save Manvi as she was the only bone marrow match. But just before the transplant, Jeevika discovers that she was pregnant. Now Jeevika had to choose one over the other – were she to become Manvi’s donor, she will have to forgo her pregnancy.  And if she doesn’t, she’d have to bid adieu to Manvi.   What will Jeevika do?  Whom will she save?

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